2023-2024 Home School Connection, week 23

Hello Eagles,

Happy Hundredth Day of School! 

Our students celebrated an important milestone this week! Tuesday was the 100th day of school, which means students are more than halfway through the school year. We’ve learned so much! What does it mean to be 100 days smarter? Here are some ideas from our students:

  • “I can read more than 100 words.”

  • “ I can add big numbers by putting the big number in my head and counting the small one in my hand.”

  • “I am a writer. I can write stories about my family.”

  • “I’m good at basketball. I play every day.”

Help us celebrate your child’s achievement. Ask your child what they are proud of themselves for and what they’ve learned in school!

New Covid Guidelines were shared with families. For more information click on this LINK

Check out our newest podcast! We have recorded a new episode about our school lunch- Don’t yuck my yum! We invite you to listen and learn with us! LINK

Stay tuned for information about 4th and 5th Grade Colorguard sign ups along with our new Spirit Gear SALE! 

Important dates are on the Weekly Home School Connection, week 23

Mrs. Alday