2022-2023 Home School Connection, week 15

Hello Eagles,

Prior to Thanksgiving Break, schools will send a box of Covid tests home with every student and staff member. Each box contains two tests. California encourages all students and staff to test for COVID-19 before they return to school following breaks, so these two tests should be used prior to returning from Thanksgiving and Winter Break. Students and staff that test positive should stay home. Please note: While at-home testing is not required, testing remains a critical safety measure to reduce the possibility of an early 2023 surge. At minimum, students and school staff should test the day before or the morning of returning to school.  

  • If a student or school staff member tests negative for COVID-19,  that individual can return to school if they feel well and have no COVID-19 symptoms.

  • If a student or school staff member tests positive for COVID-19, that individual should stay home from school and both the school and doctor should be contacted right away.

  • If an individual is not sure about the test results, then they should re-test at a school-based or community testing site.

We wish you all a safe and festive Thanksgiving break! We are thankful for your kindness, partnership, and support!

For more information about the coming week, please click on the Home School Connection, week 15.

Mrs. Alday & Ms. Mata